Friday, 20 January 2017

Heading to the Sawangan Beach, Kuala Penyu via the coastal road

hi there,

how's your day everyone? last few weeks, we spent some of our time adventuring ourselves in Kuala Penyu, and our 1st location was at the Kg.Temprung Beach. You can read the full stories in HERE.

coming out from Kg.Tempurung Beach, we continued our journey via the coastal road for just sightseeing. and here some of the photos that we managed to take outside the car window.

stunning blue sky

we saw momma pig crossing the road

gravel road 

and this beautiful view on your right

I really wanted to stop here for selfie, but the lil' Amin was sleeping on my lap 

taking this road all the way will lead you to the Sawangan Beach

the airfield at Kg. Tenambak

don't you know Kuala Penyu has an airfield?
however, I'm unsure if this airfield still in use or not.
probably for heli or light aircraft landing previously.

the herd is happily grazing in not-so-an-open-meadow 
enjoy your lunch everyone

just drive few more minutes to reach the Sawangan Beach

Sawangan Beach is just few more metres away

this is one of the main entrance gate to Sawangan Beach, 

the entrance looks so 'pale',

we came here last year for a short hangout,
click HERE if you wanna see the inside place  

anyone need a place for overnight stay?

here in Sawangan Beach, if you need a place to stay for a nite or two.
can always walk-in to this
Sawangan Resthouse.

this is another entrance gate to Sawangan Beach

speaking of Sawangan Beach, not much beach activities you can do here.
you can still swimming but not it's not encourage during high tide.

see the jetty?
that's the new jetty, previously it was built up from timber,
and now it has been replaced with a concrete jetty but much shorter than before.

if you love fishing, bring you fishing road and try your luck,
who knows you might get big snapper here, LOL.

the view of the jetty from a distance

the Sawangan Beach has a potential to become a tourist attraction in Kuala Peny. The place is very easy to reach from the Kuala Penyu town. and it has ample parking space outside the gate for visitor to park their car. 

however few things need to be improved here such as the picnic areas need to be well-maintained and well-cleaned. The grass to be trimmed short and I guess the whole gate need to be repainted and repaired.

besides that, toilet and shower areas need to be enlarged or newly added since the existing one is too small to occupy many visitor and ensure water supply always sufficient.

and if there is an existence of small food/drinks stall here, it will be an added advantage since not all visitors who come here bring their own food/drinks.

wishing some day, this place will get better and will drive many tourists/visitors to come here.

so, that's the end of our very little adventure of sightseeing in Kuala Penyu.


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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Three white geese is HOME!

hi there,

when mr.Husband wanted to buy a goose, I absolutely declined his attention at first. Adding another 'family member' is not something easy. You add extra responsibility for the household.

but later, I just can't ignore his request. So he smile brightly and brought 3 geese and yup it's a bit pricey. when you live in kampung, and you have a piece of unused land, then you will start having a lot of ideas what to do with that land. LOL.

so, this is mr.Husband's new project for the past 2 months >>> raising up the geese. and yes, one goose egg can feed two person. the egg is super BIG!

and this goose is 'TAIWAN' breed, so most of the time they just swimming happily in the fish pond and always keep quiet, barely to hear any noise from them unlike the angsa kampung.

sit still and don't try to bite me, otherwise I have to put you all far away in the jungle! hohoho.


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Goodbye Jindo-House

hi there,

we have moved back to merphin two weeks after new year. for the last 15 months, we were renting a double - storey terrace corner house in KK. it's a good neighborhood, with Chinese is the majority occupants at that area. it's a safe place, even when you go out without locking your door, no thief come and intrude your house.

there was one time we all went out for jogging in the morning, and coming home about lunch time. how we all forgot to lock our main door, we have no idea. maybe everyone were so excited to go jogging at that particular day! LOL.

when we arrived home, we were a bit surprised when the door has not been locked. and we were so furious to know if someone broke into the house, but no one inside and the house just as it is, so we assumed that we didn't locked the door when we went out.


lucky us nothing is missing.

for the last 15 months staying at this place, it's rare to see strangers coming in and out at this neighborhood, moreover, most of our neighbor has pet dog as their entrance guard. and I tell you, their pet dog is not just a kampung dog, it's the well trained dog!

so many memories staying here, but now it's time to say GOODBYE JINDO-HOUSE.


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The two 'Kampung Boy' and their ignorant mom

hi there,

if you asked me what kind of mother I am, so there are very long list I will give you, and one of the things in the list are "I don't let my kids play with dirt"!

I guess my kids will feel frustrated once they knew this.

one of my BFF laughed at me when I told her this. she said I should be more open, and let the kids grow up with the 'dirtiness' so that they will become more out-going person. don't make the kids 'suffer' by locking them inside the house most of the time.

I give a deep thought about what my BFF told me.

so, I crossed it in my list I don't let my kids play with dirt .... I need to change myself. I don't want my kids to grow up feeling fear with nature. I should let them play outside. let them experienced themselves how does it playing with the dirt, and in the same time still ensure they are always keep themselves clean, haha.

I should let them grow up adventurously. thanks to my BFF telling me this and lucky enough I listened to her. it is not only my kids having a good time playing with the mud and the dirt, but it makes me grow closer with the nature.

I realized I ignored some of the part of my life >>>> growing up with the nature. most of my day now, I prefer to lay back in the house, browsing and googling using my tabs :( ...

this is the trail to go to our merphin-house. the rubber tree belong to our neighbor.

I know it is gross (what kind of mother I am!) to let the kids play with the mud, but I just can't take away the happiness of my kids when they really enjoy experiencing playing with the mud. They just can't stop stomping their feet over and over again, and each time they made it, they giggles and said "mommy, mommy see, the water become milo" ....

we are surrounded by the greens. it does purify our oxygen, hehe. 15 minutes morning walk always feel good to me.

and the sky is blue.

and if none of you never see how do rubber tree look like, tada! but it hard to see the rubber taper. mr.Husband told me no one tape the tree after early dawn. oh! ok, so what time do they tape the tree?

somewhere 4am, or a bit early than that.

errr........ it's hard work. taping in the middle of the darkness plus the mosquitoes.

telling lil' Amin about the bamboo gate.

I always once wondering why kampung people love to use the bamboo as their main gate. I thought maybe because the bamboo is very easy to get, so they just use it instead of the modern fancy gate.

I just knew the thing after I get married to my 'kampung man', mr.Husband. hehe.

it's because of the buffaloes don't want your beautiful fancy gate get rammed by the buffaloes. they rammed the bamboo gate, but price of damage is zero. it is fine to replace the bamboo gate once badly damaged, you can always replace the bamboo for free.

I told lil' Iman the mud is quite deep for him to walk through, but he insisted to try going in the mud. and the 'new me' just let him go to fulfill his curiosity.

go and discover by yourself how do you like the mud, lil' Iman (mommy have angry face with beautiful smile, LOL).

so he learnt his lesson.

"mommy, it's deep. Iman cannot walk"

see, mommy told Iman already kan.

lil' Iman is enjoy drinking a glass of water after the great morning walk. and yes plus playing with the dirt as well. and lil' Amin exhausted.

let's go up and get clean.

because of the kids, now I prefer living in the kampung more than being a city girl. I have my own reason for this.

hope you all always find happiness in life. Happiness can be everywhere, just how you turn yourself to accept that happiness.

life is so beautiful.


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Tuesday, 17 January 2017


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