Friday, 24 February 2017

Pencarian Bloglist Sesi Mac-April 2017

hi there,

join me here ....

another bloglist session ..... click photo to join.



hi there,

I hope this year I could grow back my reading hobby. and when Kim Chaa made an entry for Giveaway pre-loved book, I should give a try ... who knows if luck is with me, ngee.

dua buku pilihan Mrs Pip
1/ Selumbar
2/ Awek Chuck Taylor

Saya nak menang buku Awek Chuck Taylor kerana ianya akan jadi kenangan bermakna sebagai hadiah harijadi Mrs Pip yang baru sahaja berlalu minggu lepas.

hoping I'll be selected. Kim Chaa, I love You!


It turns two (2) .... happy 2nd blog-versary

hi there,

this is my second year of blogging. this blog is my platform to write my random posts, thoughts, family matters, my life as a housewife (but not too much sharing at the moment except my some online shopping stuff and my simple-easy-peasy recipe).

this year I hope I can be more active in my writing, sharing some good ideas & entries for the readers to read, and hope I can spend more time on blogwalking to say hi to the other bloggers, and make a good connection with them and hope we can be friends, right?.

I'm kinda new, so there are many things I have to learn about the world of blogging. and I hope I can blog for the next 10 years, insya allah.

and for this my 2nd year blog-versary, I put few target for my blog so that I will have focus for blogging. and yes, I plan to make some GIVEAWAY soon, and will make an entry about that next month, Insya Allah.

- a happy blog is when you write what you love and it satisfies your heart -

thanks for visiting here, and feel free to leave your comment, and leave your link as well, so that I will visit you back.


Thursday, 23 February 2017

As an early riser, as what I promised to myself!

hi there,

can you see the fogs? I keep the promise that I made to myself recently, and I even wrote it in my recent post, pledging to myself.

it wasn't hard to do it once you set your goal and an effort to make it happen, really. nowadays, I wake up early, and hey, all these while I told mr.Husband I need to lose some weight, so let's go jogging, but it doesn't happen.

after I put a BIG effort to be an early riser, not only I wake up early, but I manage to go jogging in the early dawn, and reflecting to all those excuses that I told myself previously was just a LAME!

oh dear, the early dawn air breeze were just so refreshing. my very 1st time JOGGING, we jogged from 5.20am in the neighborhood, and reached home at 6.20am. but later we jogged even more early around 4.30am till 5.10am. that 40 minutes jogged is what I needed to stay more healthy this year, hopefully, Insya Allah.

enjoy the morning view in our neighborhood

enjoy the view

with my jogging partner, sister-in-law


if you have a good plan, and really want to make it happen, get courage and make it happen. never procrastinate, and never give so much LAME EXCUSES to yourself.

yes you can do it!


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Ikan tenggiri goreng crispy ... memang rangup!

hi there,

hope the sun shine brightly today, and all of us have a beautiful day. last week when mrs pip went to Setakang Beach to collect pebbles with mr.Husband, we brought along our bento box, and one of the dish that mrs pip managed to make was ikan tenggiri goreng crispy, it is a simple and very easy dish to prepare.

if you have no ikan tenggiri, you can replace it with other fish, ikan temenung pun boleh ;)

the simplest step by step to do it:-

clean the fish and cut into 2-bites size, or to your desirable size

I always blender all these and put in fridge,
ease my cooking and time saving too

marinate your fish. 
I'm using a tablespoon of chopped turmeric, chopped garlic and a bit of chopped ginger, 
salt and few drops of fish oil
mixed all the marinate ingredients well with the fish

mixed well the marinated fish with two tablespoon of tapioca flour

in a plate, place about a cup of tapioca flour, 
and coated well the marinated fish with tapioca flour

once finish coated the fish with the tapioca flour,
cool it in the fridge for about 30 minutes before fry

fry using medium heat

it's crispy, seriously yummy too
get your favorite sambal or sauce to eat with,
mine is thai chilli sauce.

bon appetit.


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